Replacement Cushions for Glider Rocking Chairs


The thin cushions in her rocker glider may eventually lose their fluff and slip out of place. Find replacement cushions that match the seat back shape and size can be difficult, especially with older models glider rocking chairs.  Remove the limp cushions and flatten out, if necessary. Measure the length and width of the pads with tape measure tailor. You will use the measurements to cut pieces of material for new pads that measure 3-4 inches longer and wider than the measures taken. If the shock is tapered or curved, trace the shapes of cushions on a piece of tissue paper to create a sewing pattern. Add 3-4 inches of material around the perimeter of the layout to provide space for the sides and seams on the cushions.

Cut a piece of foam 2-3 inches thick to match the first trace made about the shape of the cushions for glider rocking chairs and create a new insert padding for replacement pads. Cut two pieces of fabric cushion canvas for each section. Again, the fabric should measure 3 to 4 longer and wider than the foam pieces inches. Place the two pieces of material to the seat cushion with the printed sides facing.

Secure the fabric around the edges together with safety pins. Sew the material together on three sides, creating a seam quarter-inch. Repeat this process for the two pieces of material for the rear shock. Let the lower edge of the back cushion and the rear edge of glider rocking chairs seat cushion open to insert the foam pieces. Turn the cushion cover inside out and slide inserts foam cushions in fabric covers. You may have to work with the foam in a while to push the pieces in the corners and make the cushions look directly.


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