Ideas for Painting Porch Rocking Chairs


Many porch rocking chairs are already broken. They are inherited from the family, or pick up at tag sales. They can have years of use left in them but they need a good coat of paint. A painted rock can be a work of art for little more than the time it takes to paint. Rockers children are almost always painted chairs with something cute but full size are easy prey brush and imagination, too.

For a large country kitchen or a covered porch, a white porch rocking chairs with a yellow and brown chickens and a rooster stenciled on the headrest is perfect. A sense of humor would inspire a painting or two on the seat egg. A sun room or conservatory gets a rocker with the explosion yellow hibiscus red and orange and green vines with purple flowers entwined on the arms and heads. Early American salon could host a blue wooden rocking armed with an American eagle emblazoned on the back and edged in gold paint. A guest house porch would be home with faded blue-purple rocker, “aged” with some stains crackle glaze and painted with a line of small ladybugs to the leg over the arm and back.

Painted wooden porch rocking chairs a child that you will not find in stores it is one big box paint yourself. If the value is not there artists around the world armed with brushes custom colors for child seats. The magical princess to create a chair in pale pink fairy petal flowers, butterflies scattered like jewels and little fairies everywhere.


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