Choose Lumbar Support for Office Chair


Lumbar support for office chair – Sitting for long periods without proper lumbar support can lead to back pain. The pain is not always limited to the lower back, but can be extended to your neck and shoulders. This type of pain can lead to premature fatigue while working at your desk. It damages the productivity and hampers concentration. There are many ergonomic work and office chairs that provide lumbar support to keep your spine properly aligned, reducing aches and pains during the workday.

Choose lumbar support for office chair, Make sure the chair properly fit your height, or at least adjusted. You want your feet to be flat on the ground in front of you when you work. Choose a chair that swivels so you don’t have to constantly move your chair while performing tasks such as answering the phone or opening a drawer. The rotatable reduces stress on the lower back, when a constant need to scoot up and down. Choose a chair that has ample room for the back to sit out and your buttocks to be supported by.

Adjust the backrest of the chair and determine if it locks in more than one position, and has enough movement to meet your needs. Sitting in the chair and place your hand in the small of your back. There should be no significant additional space in the lower back when the chair is really a lumbar support for office chair. It should fit the contour of the small of your back.


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