Building Entryway Bench with Storage


Entryway bench with storage – Storage banks are the ideal piece of furniture for a room front porch, pool or layer as they provide seat while away their shoes as well as a place to store them offsite. While a website is a traditional place for a storage bank, the Bank would not be out of place in a bedroom, living room or kitchen certainly come handy.

Entryway bench with storage, form two 15 inch planks of plywood and two 16 inch boards 16 inches by 48 inches a rectangular wooden box with the smaller ends contiguous within the edges of the larger pieces to the corners of the box. Joining the corner joints of the housing and secure with screws spaced 1 5/8 3 inches evenly across each joint.

Center of one side of a piano hinge 40 inches on the edge of a piece 48 inches 17 inches by 48 inch plywood, which is the top entryway bench with storage. Attach the hinge to the top with 1/2 inch screws. Center box cover, which will have a 1/2-inch lip on the front and ensure the other half of the hinge to the rear panel of the box. Paint the box and lid and allow drying according to the manufacturer’s instructions paint. Locate the wall studs where you want to install the bank.


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